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Hollow built-in louver glass partition

Name:Hollow built-in louver glass partition


The principle of hollow louver glass is to install aluminum louver curtain in the hollow cavity of hollow glass, by magnetic drag, to achieve the device louver curtain closure, expansion and dimming function, in order to achieve natural lighting and the role of complete shading. Most Windows will be in the line of sight in the first place, however, the outside of the window visor, shade, often will block the line of sight, thereby causing a negative impact. For this reason, the horizontal louver often becomes the option, unimpeachable in terms of obtaining horizontal line of sight. The other sunshade device cannot achieve the same effect. This technology combines the exterior sunshade, insulating glass and interior curtains into one, with the following five functions:

1. Solve the problems of complex installation, dangerous construction and affecting the aesthetic effect of the external sunshade device.

2, 19mm or 21mm large insulating glass layer, greatly improve the insulation of insulating glass >, sound insulation noise reduction. With the addition of inert gas, the heat transfer K value is only 1.4w (M.K), far & PI. & have spent Super & have spent Passed the provincial department of housing and construction requires energy saving 65% of the K value below 2.0 energy saving standards.

3, louver in the device, to solve the outdoor visor and indoor curtains difficult to clean, easy to damage the problem. More not affected by external forces, the realization of blinds freely lifting, to avoid the future tedious after-sales service problems.

4. This product is suitable for any space where glass can be installed. It does not affect the opening and closing of Windows

(hollow built-in louver glass partition effect display)

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